Fire Pit Domes

Fire Pits
 ProMedica wanted to create a fun experience along the front of their new headquarters downtown. We came up with the idea of adding fire pits. Each fire pit is unique as for it's use and positioning along the water front.

Fire pit 1

This Fire pit sits on the employee side of Promedicas headquarters. We wanted to make this fire pit unique to ProMedica so we design the dome with the ProMedica Logo in a step and repeat pattern. By creating 2 separate domes that fit over each other and then twisted slightly to overlap each other. The domes are made out of COR-TEN steel so it can rust and create a unique look and is gas feed for the flamesThe structure is meant to represent the inner structure of bones. 

Fire pit 2

This fire pit sits on the city side of the park ProMedica developed We want to make this fun and exciting to city goers as they walk down the river front. The Rings resemble water bubbles they also play off the ECHO sculptures in the same park.The out side retainer ring is part of the old smoke stacks that the ECHO sculpture was made out of. The outer Diameter of the fire pit in 13ft and the inner Diameter is 8ft the total height is 6ft.