ECHO is a piece of history within the Toledo area. There has been a steam plant on the river front of the Toledo skyline since 1896. The steam plant started out as a power plant then in time was converted into a steam plant to heat the Toledo skyline. This steam plant remained for a number of years. Until the buildings themselves were converted to run under their own power and heating. Which shut down the steam plant for a number of years. Promedica came along and wanted to repurpose the steam plant into their headquarters. When they started to get into construction the they found the steam stacks to be structurally unsafe. Promedica really wanted to preserve this piece of history so they reached out to Toledo Twisted Iron to bring them into a new form and a new life. To put the steam stacks into an artistic expression that shows the history of what they did but also explains the present and future of Promedica and the city of Toledo. The rings are designed to look like an Echo which in turn represents an ECHO through time from past present to future. The colors on the stack represent from coal water to steam. The dark representing coal the blue as water and the white as steam. This piece represent Toledo’s long past of innovation and history and now into the future of what Toledo wants to become.